Machine Description

This tried-and-true 990-F3 line was used in production until it was replaced by upgraded machines. It includes a 555, Auto Ball Catch, 990-F3, and 700-C.

The 990-F3 is one of our most popular machines for interior door pre-hanging. It takes under 55 seconds to machine the door and jamb for three hinges plus lock and attach the hinges using the powerful Six-Shooter controls.

Listing Details
Ships From
Portland, ME
Sale Contact
Ray Briere (207) 653-6919
555 Options
Mounted Junction Box
Connects to a new control box mounted on the 990-F3 with an extended cable.
Auto Ball Catch Options
Door Capacity
6'-6" door size capacity
990-F3 Options
Option A
Six-Shooter screw gun
Option D
Pre-drill system for Six-Shooter
Option Z
Six-Shooter screw changer
Option AI
Quick change for hinge mortise depth
Option C
Quick selection for two face bore backsets
Option E
Two-stage drilling
Option H
Split Jamb Stapler
Option O
Door blow-off system
Option R1
Quick change for 0 or 3-degree hinge routing
Option S
Lock bore dual stop for 6'8" - 7'0" doors
Option T
High-frequency hinge routers
Option U
High-frequency bolt plate router
700-C Options
Option A
Duplex edge nailers
Option C
Jamb width auto selector
Option G
7'0" Door/frame compatibility
  • Included Machines
  • 555 (SN91-80-047)
  • Auto Ball Catch (SN05-119-012)
  • 990-F3 (SN05-12-180)
  • 700-C (SN05-45-301)