Edge Patriot Rendering

The Edge Patriot Classic is a three axis CNC door hardware detailing machine with a 12 HP spindle router for deep pocket locks and boring operations, plus an additional 7½ HP spindle router for all other hardware details.

The Edge Patriot is commonly used to process door edges for deep pocket locks, flush bolts, T strikes, custom hinge pockets, pivots, holders/closers, soss hinges, edge protectors, electric strikes, drop sills and re-stiling or re-railing.

The heavy duty framework supports a bed of inverted non-marking casters for easy door positioning. The machine can be used to route door rail ends or either stile by rotating and clamping against the standard retracting door fence and registration stops.

Kval software is included for rapid development of a wide variety of door hardware templates. The software license also allows an additional copy to be used in the customer’s office so doors and templates can be created remotely and pushed to the machine over an internal network.

Key Features

Remote Deployment

Cut patterns and machine diagnostics can be transferred over the air via the on-board Kval software

Operator Training

After initial setup a Kval Technician will teach your team how to operate and maintain the Edge Patriot Classic


Kval machines can be customized to fit your company's needs and applications
Router Travel Limits
X Axis
Y Axis
Z Axis
Up to 5½”
Common Options
Option J
Corner Square Chisels
Option D
Point-to-Point Drill for Screw Holes